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Art of Role Play in Dispute Resolution Training (all-in price)

Marc Bhalla enjoys role play learning. Between participating in them as a student and developing them as an instructor, Marc has been involved in over 100 exercises. In his book, Marc reflects on his experiences - both good and bad - to identify keys for successfully running role plays and to offer best practices to make the most out of experiential learning opportunities in the study of dispute resolution.

Frustrated by the same role plays being recycled and un-relatable, Marc shares eight role play exercises that he developed and analyzes them. He includes suggestions for how the activities can be run online.

The role plays provided in Marc's book have been used internationally, in private dispute resolution training and by government services. Academic institutions in Canada, the United States of America and overseas have utilized these exercises to assist in the development of conflict management skills.

The Art of Role Play in Dispute Resolution Training is authentically Marc. It includes his trademark references to popular culture, hockey and television programs that changed his life. This enjoyable read combines Marc's expertise in dispute resolution training through role play and his sense of humour to offer something that was missing in the field.



Foreword by Richard Moore & Colm Brannigan


Part I - Tips and Best Practices for Role Play Learning

  • What is Role Play?

  • Memorable Experiences

  • Against Role Playing

  • Developing & Running Effective Role Plays

  • Role Play Disasters

  • Role Play Presentation Keys for Instructors

  • Feedback and Reflection


Part II - 8 Original Role Play Exercises & Analysis of Them

  • The Tickets

  • The Ice Breaker

  • Wrongful Dismissal?

  • The Contract

  • The Fence

  • The Intervention

  • The Business Deal

  • Complicated


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